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Submitted by adpr on May 17, 2022

【友達光電徵才資訊】企業行銷處 徵 公關專案副理PR Project Manager/企業公關專員Corporate PR Specialist

工作內容|PR Project Manager

  1. Write, edit, and translate a variety of press releases, media pitches, speeches, and other PR copies in Mandarin & English.
  2. Organize, schedule, and prepare executives for press interviews.
  3. Build relationships with new media contacts and maintain relationships with existing contacts.
  4. Coordinate internal counterparts and lead PR-related projects.
  5. Pitch story ideas and content to media.
  6. Manage issues, crisis, and media requests in a timely and professional manner.
  7. Ensure all external communication is cohesive with the brand image.
  8. Track and analyze media coverage to inform future campaigns.
  9. Measure PR program impacts using regular reporting.
  10. Plan and execute PR events and media interviews.
  11. Manage social media, including post schedule arrangement and content write-up.

工作內容|企業公關專員Corporate PR Specialist

  1. 新聞稿及文案撰寫
  2. 新聞議題策劃、媒體採訪及媒體關係維繫
  3. 記者會、公關活動及展覽宣傳等企劃提案執行
  4. 社群媒體操作
  5. 相關文宣資料規劃及製作
  6. 蒐集媒體及產業資訊

其他資訊|以上職缺相關問題,歡迎與以下資訊聯繫:Ann Chen陳璽安/