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Graduation Requirements

Course Credits --- 128 credits

English Proficiency

Students are required to have taken an English proficiency test by the end of their 2nd year, and have achieved a standard equivalent to the CEF Threshold level (e.g. a TOEIC score of 550 or above, or the GEPT Intermediate level). Those failing to reach the above standard must retake the test at least once during each of their following years of study until graduation (result in the final attempt is irrelevant).   

Competition Experience

Students must enter at least one national advertising-related, PR-related or marketing-related competition in their 3rd year (e.g. the TAA Best Advertising Student Competition, or the Times Young Creative Awards) to qualify for taking the 4th-year course, "Practical Project" (graduate special project). 

Graduate special project

Students in their 4th and final year are required to take the mandatory year-long course, "Practical Project," in which they must create for a chosen business a series of marketing strategy, marketing research and marketing communication planning, etc to demonstrate their accumulated knowledge and skills.